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How to Buy a Mattress Getting a new mattress can be a huge task. Not only are there tons of models to pick from, but a large part of what makes a good one is just personal. After all, different people have different comfort requirements. But here are the key considerations you need to make to arrive at a wise choice: Support
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First of all, check the core of the mattress, which basically provides the support.
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Innerspring Innerspring mattresses are those that give you that familiar bouncy feel. You can as well choose how springy you need it to be. The metal coils are often gauged from 12, which is the thickest and the firmest) to 18, which is the thinnest and most compressible). If you’re on the heavy side, you’ll need a thicker gauge than your lighter friend. Innerspring mattresses will either have a fiberfill or foam outer layer that is covered in quilted ticking. But you go for a really plush feel, don’t be tempted by that thick-looking pillowtop. You might like the feel of a puffy layer in the store, but in just a few months, it’s going to compress and never come back. Get a firmer, well-quilted mattress instead, and then wrap it in a feather bed or a replaceable mattress pad. Memory Foam Memory foam mattresses have a polyurethane core and much less spring in them. Thickness and density specs can be used to determine their quality. Thickness can range from 2 to 6 inches, and will indicate how deep you’ll sink. A density of 5 pounds per cubic foot is considered top quality, while 3 pounds per cubic foot and below is less. Latex Latex mattresses are like memory foam models when it comes to firmness, but they have a little more spring-back. Natural latex (take note that some mattresses are synthetic) also has antimicrobial, anti-mold and anti-dust mite properties. Air-filled Air-filled vinyl or rubber chamber mattresses come with a remote that lets you to decide how much air you want inside. Many have two chambers placed side by side, and you can customize their firmness separately for you and your partner. If you and your partner have different preferences, this might be the ideal bed for you. Personal Factors Of course, besides the mattress type, there are other factors that you’ll need to think about before you buy a new mattress. If you normally sleep on your side, for instance, you’ll want a surface that provides a great deal of pressure relief and conforms to the natural shape of your body. If you normally sleep hot, don’t get a mattress with foam or latex topping as these can trap body heat. Get a fiberfill-topped innerspring mattress instead. If you or your partner has allergies, go for latex or foam. Just do a little research on the available options, and get the one that fits you best.